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08:33am 16/12/2010
mood: crazy
I know, it's late this year! But I have some awesome cards and want to share the love! XD Kindly comment with your address (I'll delete the comment as soon as I get it) and a card shall be on its way!

For those who'd like to return the love:

Courtenay Smith
P.O. Box 1478
Winchester, VA 22604

I know I need to write an update . . things are going well . . a little nutso, but well!
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Need Advice!   
06:23pm 27/05/2010
mood: confused
OK, long story short, the past few weeks have been a lot of crazy and a good deal of SUCK. Most sucky thing, I wrecked my car outside of DC. Rush hour traffic. -_- I'm OK - in fact, my car wasn't hurt very badly - BUT the insurance company has declared it a total.

The damage was assesed at $3900. USAA assesed my car for $3600, for which it will cut me a check. My car (1998 Oldsmobile Intrigue) had only 100K miles and no mechanical troubles whatsoever. The damage was merely cosmetic.

So here's my question - should I simply put the check toward fixing my car, or should I put it towards a new car? My car has already been in one accident. If I fix it and wreck it again, its value will be NOTHING and I'll barely get any money at all. If I get a new(er) car with a clean record, it will be worth something. HOWEVER, I have driven my car nearly its entire life and know EVERYTHING about it. A used car might be a gamble. I also don't really want car payments but you gotta do what you gotta do.

What's the smartest answer? Fix old car and risk losing everything with another accident or get new car?
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Writer's Block: Too scary!!   
01:43pm 21/04/2010
mood: reflective
Was there something you were afraid of as a child that just seems silly to you now?

I was freakin' scared of EVERYTHING. Basements - I grew up in a big Victorian in Baltimore, with a dank, concrete cellar that contained many, many relics of long ago past smothered in cobwebs - and in order to get my $5 a week allowance, I had laundry duty! The washer and dryer were in a corner of the basement filled with shelves of old pickling jars (many which still had food from the '50s and '60s in them - my mom grew up in this house). So whenever I wnet down, I crossed myself and said many prayers that basement spooks wouldn't consume me (I was also afraid of ghosts and demons, which I believed roamed the house).

I was also afraid of leftovers, dogs, ticks, roaches, mold, looking up in the sky from a high place, ie. the jungle gym at school (though not looking down, strangely), creatures hiding at the bottoms of muddy lakes, rock music other than the Beach Boys (everything else was Satanic), sharks eating me at Ocean City, the monster under the bed (of course), finding literal skeletons in closets (the home I grew up in had many doors and passages, and I believed there were decomposing bodies in them), teenaged girls (I would watch them, so cool, walking in gaggles from the nearby private school with ice cream sodas from Baskin Robbins, and imagine that they were casting disdain on me, so I always hid from them), watching a toilet flush (I believed that when it was finished, a spirit would devour me - DON'T LAUGH, haha), the way cat eyes glowed in the dark, the movie Amadeus, snakes, drugs and any sort of pill, and, of course, Satan.

Reading this, you're probably thinking I was a freak kid who lived in a closet, though actually, I was a happy (though serious) kid who had a pretty normal and fun childhood with lots of friends and family always around (Baltimore is where my mom's side of the family is from). I still have some weird phobias, but I think moving out of that house when I was 10 dispelled a lot of my more crippling childhood fears.
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Welcome back, my friends, to the show that never ends...   
03:38pm 04/04/2010
mood: guilty

Hope everyone's day is full of savory eats and chocolate! I'm in a bit of a grump because my mom roped me into treating her to an Easter buffet . . . with no upfront price . . . and the bill for two people ended up being *$107*! *scratches off face* I'm sorry, but for a little ham, eggs and potatoes? That's fucking nuts. I don't care how good your food is. -_-;;;;

but to focus on the positive, it's as gorgeous out as it's ever been! And Peter isn't bad either ^_^
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Writer's Block: Out of fashion   
01:35pm 15/03/2010
mood: indescribable
If you could choose which fashions would go out of style permanently, what would you choose, and why?

Since pictures say a thousand words:


title or description

2. Bonus if you have a nice matching tramp stamp:

title or description

3. Oversized jerseys. Boy bands, too:

title or description

4. Often come paired with:

title or description

5. Trucker hats (even if I love Snooki!):

title or description


title or description

7. Perhaps only surpassed by:

title or description

8. Douchey message shirts:

title or description

9: And the sorts of guys who wear them:

title or description


title or description

11: title or description


title or description

And these are only current-ish ones. If you wanted me to plumb beyond the last 10 or so years, god help your f-list . . .
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Writer's Block: Between the slices   
05:52pm 28/02/2010
What's your favorite sandwich? Do you make it yourself or go somewhere special to buy it? What's in it?!

LOX AND CREAM CHEESE WITH CAPERS ON A BAGEL. FUCK YESSS. This is very timely, actually, as Winchester *just* got a bagel shop a little more than a week ago, which I have frequented nearly every day since. It is expensive ($8.75 per), but actually cheaper (not to mention tastier) than my old habit of buying a bagel and cream cheese at Dunkin Donuts and buying lox separately at the grocery store.

In other news? I HATE WINTER. My mom and I just ventured out for a walk and the wind was so fucking cold I actually felt somewhat delerious when we got home and had to lie down for a moment. Not to mention I don't think I've seen grass since December.

Also, I saw Miss Nude North America, Shay Lynn, perform last night at one of the 3,623 dive strip joints over the West Virginia line. WOW.

and I don't get to see Blue Oyster Cult in Allentown next Friday bc the tickets are sold out. BOO. >:(.

That is all for this rare public entry.
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Christmas love to all . . .   
12:46am 25/12/2009
mood: cheerful
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04:10pm 08/12/2009
mood: cold
You know you want one (and you know I always make them good!) So if you would like some holiday cheer this year, pretty please PM your address or comment with it (I will delete it asap)

Mine is:

P.O. Box 1478
Winchester, VA 22604
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Writer's Block: The Times They Are A-Changin’   
12:39pm 13/11/2009
mood: complacent
Handmade cards to e-cards, caroling to MP3s… How has technology changed your holiday traditions?

It hasn't, and it won't. Except that I'll be asking you all for your addresses right here over teh information superhighwayz so I can send you REAL LIFE Christmas cards!!

If I don't have it, give it to me! (If you skimmed over this, I'll be asking again later, so . . don't worry, I'll get you! ;D)

(And mp3 caroling? . . . really now? O_o;;)
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11:19pm 11/04/2009
mood: full
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Happy procreation/excess of booze day!   
11:12am 14/02/2009
mood: awake
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09:11am 13/02/2009
mood: celebratory
59 years, and forever gorgeous to me, love!!

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Dumbass . . .   
07:37pm 26/01/2009
mood: amused
I couldn't help but notice a link to this article while checking my email:


which laughably attempts to tell us that Billy Joel - yes, Billy Joel - is a complete, untalented hack. An excerpt:

. . Why is it that so many of us feel it is possible to say Billy Joel is—well—just bad, a blight upon pop music, a plague upon the airwaves more contagious than West Nile virus, a dire threat to the peacefulness of any given elevator ride, not rock 'n' roll but schlock 'n' roll? . . .

I replied:

A most brilliant work of satire!
by violentfemmebot
01/26/2009, 7:30 PM
Next week, I expect to see a complete revisitation of unsung visionaries Insane Clown Posse coupled with a critical piece on David Bowie: could all that shape-shifting be simply for show? And if so, can it REALLY BE ART? I believe Peter Gabriel might be a hack, too, but I can't quite put my thumb on an exact reason.

Perhaps you can, oh silvery-penned one!

What an idiot!
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have a good one!   
01:09am 25/12/2008
mood: cheerful
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11:52pm 04/11/2008
mood: jubilant
That is all. And so PROUD of my state! <3
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The future of music   
10:45am 05/09/2008
mood: confused
So I was driving back from Virginia Tech, having dropped off the boy, and started flipping between the two (yes, we only have TWO here) paltry classic rock stations. Heard some partial Billy Joel, and Pink Floyd. Then - right as I'm about to turn onto the street we live along, thankfully - that fucking Kid Rock Sweet Home Alabama/Werewolves in London rip-off PIECE OF SHIT comes on!

Now, I've discussed this with people. Most people agree that Kid Rock is a musical plagiarist. However, there are a few dissenters who use the argument: "Oh, no! People have been ripping off chord structures/rhythms since the dawning of time! Kid Rock is just one in a long line of great musicians including Led Zeppelin and the Beatles who have borrowed musically from other sources. . ."

I disagree. There's a pretty fundamental difference in the "borrowing." Led Zeppelin borrowed heavily from the blues, yes. But they MADE SOMETHING COMPLETELY NEW OUT OF IT. They transformed the music into an entirely new concept, and brought it to an entirely new audience. Kid Rock has done NOTHING but take a classic song and sing over it how much he likes that song. "All Summer Long" or whatever it's called is ONLY a hit because "Sweet Home Alabama" was a hit, and people are drawn to a melody and rhythm conceived by musicians far greater than Kid-fucking-ROCK. What's worse to think about is how profitable the song rip-off venture has been. He's probably made enough money to build a double-wide out of compressed blow! Or 500,000 $5 hookers!

Fuck, guys, I should just write " Listening to 'Battle of Epping Forest' All Summer Long" and write my memoirs!

It got me thinking, though. And I've decided what the future of rock will be. It will meld the trailblazing ideas of Kid Rock with the populist appeal of rap. First, you'll hear the familiar opening strains of a classic song, say, "Hotel California," being shouted over by rappers in the epic way remix rap songs are customarily introduced: ALL MY NIGGAS REPRESENTIN: T.I.! LUDACRIS! LITTLE JON! 3-6 MAFIA! INSANE CLOWN POSSE (hahahaha had to put that in!) STRAIGHT FROM HELL-LA MOTHAFUCKIN SO-CAL SUCK MY DICK BITCH REEEEEEE-MIX!!. . . then the song would start, and the only change would be that it had a thumping beat and the rappers would scream obscenities and weave a loose narrative over the original song, like cruising down I-5 in a Maybach sipping Kristal-laced sizzurup and smacking hos on the way to the Hotel California . . . hahaha . . .

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08:47pm 18/06/2008
mood: surprised
So . . . these rumors* I've just heard that Peter Gabriel's wife is expecting another child . . . has anyone heard this???

(*As read on a message board discussing the low probability of Mr. Gabriel reuniting with Genesis - "well, he CERTAINLY won't now, with the baby coming!" . . . and just like that, it's 1975 again . . . though I can find nothing on Google about this news.)

But congratulations, if so . . . the world will always welcome more beautiful Gabriel-spawn!
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02:25pm 28/03/2008
mood: excited
So . . . guess how lame, I mean AWESOME I am??? Look who I'm going to see Saturday:

Lest your eyes fool you, as mine did me, no, it's not Phil Collins, but Martin Levac, a skilled impersonator!!! He used to be the drummer for The Musical Box, if that means anything to you. I'll be dragging my boyfriend along to Philly Saturday to see a replica of the "Three Sides Live" tour. I mean, even if it IS Phil, they DO play "Supper's Ready" in its entirety. AHHHHHHH. I shall also indulge being back in northern climes with a good lox bagel, something next to uttely unknown in southern VA. (Damn it, I cannot WAIT to move back up north . . . )

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12:13pm 13/02/2008
mood: jubilant
A glorious 58 years, my love!

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Birthday wishes   
11:32am 07/06/2007
mood: hopeful
I never, ever forget birthdays. Ergo, happy birthday, bryce!!!

It's been a good day. Hope is on the horizon for a new, MUCH better job, but I'm not about to jinx anything by saying too much. . . *keeps fingers crossed*

Anyhow, my lunch break is nearly up, and it's time to drive back to - ugh - TJ Suxx.
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